If you have been on Instagram in the past couple of days, it has been an absolute sh*t show.

If you go underneath almost any major celebrity's Instagram comments on their recent post, the comment section is filled with people spamming the phrase "Nah he tweakin."

CAUTION: There are embedded social media posts below with NSFW language.

So what does this mean? Why are people saying it? And what did poor old Dolly Parton do to deserve her being told that someone is "tweaking"?

Well, we can thank Lil Nas X for all the trolling. After all, he is the biggest troll there is.

It all started when the announcement came out that skateboard legend Tony Hawk is coming out with his own blood-infused skateboard. According to Buzzfeed News, Hawk has given two vials of blood, that will be mixed in with red paint and splattered on a skateboard that will be sold for $500.

Sound oddly familiar?

If I'm remembering correctly, Lil Nas X did something similar a couple of months ago and got so much backlash and hate for it. The rapper released a shoe called "the Satan shoe" in collaboration with MSCHF. According to Buzzfeed News, each shoe had a drop of his blood in the soles.

But strangely enough, Tony Hawk isn't getting anywhere near the amount of hate Lil Nas X got. People were calling him a devil worshipper and were trying to cancel him.

When Lil Nas X heard about Tony Hawk's new skateboard he responded:

He also commented under Rap's Instagram post about the story:

Hence, the beginning of a movement. Ever since then, IG users have been commenting with the phrase literally EVERYWHERE AND IT WON'T STOP.

But I'm enjoying the memes.

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