An important anniversary of one of the world's most iconic and popular toys is just around the corner. One museum will celebrate its anniversary with a very expensive reproduction that will also make it one of the most expensive toys in the world. Aside from a Ferrari.

The Liberty Science Center in Jersey City will host the first stop of a global, seven year tour featuring the history and influence of the Rubik's Cube. Part of the exhibit will feature the world's most expensive Rubik's Cube, according to the Associated Press.

The special cube was made by Diamond Cutters International, a jewelry manufacturer that also makes Super Bowl rings for the NFL. The jewel encrusted cube has diamonds embedded in each of its 54 squares encased in a gold cube. It also comes with its own travel wooden case lined with smooth velvet. The toy might have puzzled players for years, but the price tag for the expensive piece could make the smartest puzzle-solver's head spin: $2.5 million!

The exhibit will open sometime in 2014, the year the Rubik's Cube was created by Hungarian architect and professor Emo Rubik for his class at the Budapest College of Applied Arts. Rubik said he created the toy in order to teach his students the concept of 3D space. It became a runaway hit when it hit the store shelves in 1974 and has ingrained itself, not just in popular culture, but even in modern vernacular as a synonym for a difficult problem with a complicated solution. The toy has been featured in several television shows, films and even movie posters such as the 1982 murder mystery 'Deathtrap' and most recently on the poster for the critically acclaimed horror comedy 'The Cabin in the Woods.'

But really, shouldn't you get $2.5 million for solving it?