Right now this is only happening in a theater in London, but we can't wait for it to make the trip overseas -- a theater has employed people to dress in black bodysuits and quiet down rowdy moviegoers. The "ninjas" work in exchange for free admission to the movie.

The stealthy ushers target people who are doing all the stuff that annoys you at the theater -- talking on the phone, throwing popcorn, having a conversation and texting. According to one man who was silenced by the ninjas, he was trying to take a call just as the movie was starting, and suddenly there were two dudes in black bodysuits on either side of him telling him to shut it.

It sounds pretty terrifying, but we genuinely hope it picks up other places, because seriously, who needs to *text* during a movie? Why would you do that? Maybe some scary ninjas could break you of the habit.