When some people think about living on an island, they envision swaying palm trees, the taste of fruity drinks and the warm sun kissing their skin.

Of course, island life looks a little different when you're in Montana.

Flathead Lake boasts multiple islands including Melita Island where there is a Boy Scouts camp and Wild Horse Island, the largest island of the group.

Cromwell Island is privately-owned and the second largest island in Flathead Lake. It sits just west of Wild Horse Island.

Who Is Robert M. Lee?

Cromwell Island's previous owner, Robert M. Lee, died in 2016. DailyInterLake.com chronicled his life as being one of classic cars, safaris and "fine luggage."

Cromwell Island In Montana
Hall & Hall Partners photo

The Montana Standard characterized Lee as being "reclusive" when covering his sentencing for an assault charge a few years prior to his death.

Cromwell Island is the perfect spot if you enjoy your privacy, and you could call it your home.

It's just going to take some work to get the house ready. You also might want to ask a few friends to help out because this place is MASSIVE.

House For Sale On Cromwell Island

Hall & Hall Partners is currently listing the 348-acre island and accompanying home for a cool $72 million.

Cromwell Island House
Hall & Hall Partners photo

Technically, you wouldn't be wrong if you called the residence a "fixer upper." It's not rundown, it just needs to be completed.

The home looks immaculate on the exterior, but remains unfinished on the inside.

According to the real estate listing, construction was not able to be completed on the 45,000-square-foot home before Lee's death in 2016.

Hall & Hall Partners
Hall & Hall Partners photo

The framework is there. You'll just need to haul everything else over to the island and finish the job.

Let's look a peek at what this gargantuan home has to offer.

You Could Have Your Very Own Private Island In Montana

Cromwell Island in Montana's Flathead Lake is on the market for a cool $72 million dollars. This is your chance to own your very own private island. You'll just need to complete some of the construction before hauling your stuff across the lake. The listing from Hall & Hall Partners features photos that look like they are out of a movie.

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