Mike Myers has never been nominated for an Academy Award. A fact that shouldn't shock anybody who has seen 'The Love Guru.'

But despite this oversight, Myers is still a very talented actor. Don't believe us? Check out his hilarious turn as Oscar etiquette expert Sir Cecil Worthington in this promotional video for the 2012 Academy Awards.

It seems Kevin Kline, a 1989 Academy Award winner for 'A Fish Called Wanda,' has been mistreating his statuette.

So the Academy has asked Worthington to retrain Kline on the ways of handling the world's most famous golden midget. As you can see, Kline proves a worthy pupil. And Worthington, who is so obsessed with the eight-and-a half pound prize that he doesn't even have time to watch any movies, drops all kinds of Oscar knowledge as he teaches Kline the error of his ways.

But what it all boils down to, really, is that an Oscar winner must remember to keep the statuette on an even surface. All you future Oscar winners out there take note.