Given the unceasing popularity of cats on the internet, it was probably just a matter of time before felines got their own social networking site. In that spirit, a man has created "Meowbook," a place where kitties can connect with others in a safe environment. But don't get too excited, cat lovers. This is, unfortunately, just a parody. (We think.)

In this hilarious video, Meowbook founder Thomas Mai argues that the site is necessary because, unlike dogs, cats can't get outside to connect with other like-minded kitties. And, he says, his site is a safe environment where felines don't have to worry about the "real threat" of "cat-on-cat violence."

Given the success of the many cat-based memes on the internet, Mai thinks the site will be an immediate success. If he can pull it off, he said, he'll be one step closer to realizing his dream of spreading cat love to all four corners of the Earth.

"My dream is to sail around the world on a catamaran with two members of every cat race," said Mai, "and share my love with cats for all the humans to see around the world."

Even though this is a joke, a cat-centric social networking site might just be crazy enough to work. In fact, something like this may already exist.