The 'Men in Black' are back in a new trailer for this summer's third blockbuster outing. 

We previously showed you the teaser trailer for 'Men in Black 3,' which dropped some hints that Will Smith's Agent J would be traveling back in time to save his partner Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones). Now the latest trailer to hit the Web offers more action and special effects-laden comedy.

'Men in Black 3' had something of a troubled production. The third installment in the franchise began filming in November of 2011 with only half of a script. Only the first act of the film had been written and somewhere, someone was furiously typing away, trying to complete the script. Halfway through, 'MIB3' took a four-month hiatus while the filmmakers hunkered down and figured out how to finish the movie. Not exactly the ideal way to shoot a film. Yet despite all that, 'Men in Black 3' doesn't look that bad.

Most of what is successful in this new trailer is due in no small part to Josh Brolin, who plays a younger version of Agent K, and delivers an absolutely pitch-perfect impression of Tommy Lee Jones. The rest of the film feels like a pastiche of familiar MIB material - escaped monsters, memory erasing people, aliens masquerading as New Yorkers, corny Will Smith jokes, etc. Though it's been such a long time since 2002's 'Men in Black II' (so long, Lara Flynn Boyle was considered a marketable movie star then), that maybe fans of the franchise have forgotten what a let down that sequel was.

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