Do you like milk? Like, do you really like milk? Holly Lindley, a British nine-year-old, really likes milk. Good thing too, because she's got to drink six pints of it a day to survive.

Holly suffers from glycogen storage disease, an ailment with eleven different types. Glycogen is stored in the muscles and liver and released when you need energy by being converted into glucose. No glycogen, no energy.

So, Holly has to eat sugar and drink milk constantly to ensure she has enough glucose. In fact, when she was younger she had to be woken up and fed toast. The alternative is that she literally runs out of energy and falls into a life-threatening coma.

Fortunately, she likes milk and in many respects is just a normal nine-year-old. And, on the bright side, she's got a medical reason to eat candy, so there's that.

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