In Brazil, they really don't mess around when it comes to fire safety. In fact, one hospital has introduced a terrifying mascot who teaches kids how to avoid flammable materials and how burns should be treated. He looks, by the way, like a man engulfed in flames. Very sensitive, guys.

This horrifying creation is known as Chaminha (translation: Flamy), and he's the mascot at the burn unit at the Fundaçao Hospitalar in Minas Gerais.

According to a Brazilian blogger, the hospital receives more than 100 burn victims daily, many of whom have been injured by flammable alcohol. So, it's Flamy's job to visit patients and teach them all about fire safety.

Given his frightening visage, Flamy has become the subject of his very own meme and some have even pointed out how he looks remarkably like Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff. (See below.)

All that aside, one look at Flamy is all we need to be extra careful with matches from now on. Consider us warned.