An analysis of who Mark Zuckerberg follows on Facebook's new subscribe feature suggests the 27-year old mogul is either a closet 'Glee' fan or has a thing for Dianna Agron, one of the hit show's singing stars. We always figured the Zuckster for a 'Gleek.'  

Not surprisingly, Zuckerberg, Facebook's CEO, has over seven million subscribers to his page. But when it comes to subscribing to others, Zuckerberg is pretty stingy, listing only 26 people -- almost all of which are co-workers or tech industry bigwigs.

The latest addition to his subscription list -- 'Glee' star Agron -- breaks that mold.

After learning yesterday that Zuckerberg just gave her what may be the ultimate internet compliment, the pretty blond responded on her Facebook wall:

dianna agron wall


So does Mark have a crush on the singing cheerleader? Interestingly enough, the only other entertainment figure Zuckerberg has bestowed the honor of subscribing to is Snoop Dogg. Feel free to speculate on what that one means.

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