The "videobomb" is a prank of opportunity. And the fellow in the clip below seized a videobombing opportunity and made the most of it. And then kept on making the most of it.

This is pretty much what's going to happen when you do a news report from a bar. Yes it was 8AM, but morning drunks are more energetic, as you can see.

As for the poor reporter, it seemed like she realized what was going on about midway through the videobomber's show. Still, she soldiered on. Unfortunately for her, we were so distracted by the expert buffoonery on display we couldn't even begin to tell you what she was talking about.

On-location news reports bring out the best in videobombers and there have been some pretty epic efforts on that front before. But it would be hard to top "Mr. Striped Shirt" here for pure dedication to stealth goofiness.

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