While cats are popular pets and internet superstars, they wouldn't exactly be described as overly affectionate. However, YouTube user mnmblink has trained his kitty how to stand up and give him a big warm hug. And, with a few simple steps, you can too. But first the adorable video evidence of the impressive pet trick.

So how did he do it? Wouldn't you know he bribed the feline with food.

So, one day he was begging for treats and started rubbing my leg but I just ignored him," mnmblink explained. "He wouldn't give up though: he kept on rubbing against my leg. I then sat down and he started rubbing against my face. I immediately rewarded him. Then every time he begged for a treat, I would make him rub against my face. He soon learned he needed to rub for a treat; I then stood up one day and in order for him to rub my face he needed to stand and hug me. Hope it works for everyone else too!"

Would you like a big hug from your cat? Or are you just happy with the occasional brush against the leg?

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