It's hard to say what's most incredible about this post. Is it that somebody made a hand-sized bike strong enough to actually transport a full-grown human, or is it the fact that somebody actually managed to ride the thing? Regardless, here it is -- a full-sized man riding a tiny, tiny bicycle.Watching the cyclist's little knees move fast enough to pedal the bike is probably nearly as cute as the bicycle itself, which is about the size of the nonfunctional, totally lame (we now realize) bike they made for Barbie back in the day. Or, maybe Barbie's bike was functional -- her knees don't really work and we never tried it.

If it weren't for the fact that it requires so much effort to move even a small distance and really doesn't seem much faster than walking, (you know, the two main functions of a bike) we'd say this is the next big thing in cycling. At least it would fit into your apartment. And your purse.

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