An unemployed elderly man from Oregon has decided to hit the open road and move nearly 1,000 miles to Arizona using his only available means of transportation: a lawnmower.

Stephen Hulsey hasn't driven in two decades due to poor eyesight. Plus, he lost his trailer after unemployment checks ran out. So, the tractor lawnmower, which only gets 15 miles to the gallon and travels at 4 MPH, was his only option.

You might have also heard about Alvin Straight, the man who made a 240 mile journey from Iowa to Wisconsin to visit his ailing brother on his John Deere lawnmower. His moving story was told in the 1999 Academy Award-nominated film 'The Straight Story.'

Hulsey hopes to make it to his destination before Christmas. No word on whether he'll trim your lawn on the way. Watch his story, and the trailer for 'The Straight Story,' below. Sniff. Sorry, that movie always makes us tear up a little.

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