In a scene that seems like it's straight out of the movies, a man in Britain with no flying experience somehow landed a plane earlier this week after the pilot became sick during the flight.

The men were in a four-seat Cessna 172 when the pilot, who later died, started to feel sick. He sent out a mayday alert, so officials elected to divert the aircraft to a large airport where flying instructor Roy Murray had to talk the passenger into properly getting the plane to touch down.

Murray said the man, identified only as John, "was absolutely flying blind." A spokesman for the airport laid out the terrifying scene:

You can imagine it was getting dark, this guy's had about half an hour experience of flying an aircraft, he's never landed one, he's sitting in the wrong seat -- in other words he hasn't got any of the dials in front of him and he has to land this thing."

After circling the airport a few times, the man, guided by Murray, somehow touched down safely, prompting the instructor to say he did a "remarkable job."

It's unclear how the pilot died, but officials have ruled out foul play.

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