They say there is nothing more romantic than a homemade gift. That goes double if you have the ability to make your partner an iPad from scratch.

Wei Xinlong didn't have enough money to buy his girlfriend, Sun Shasha, an iPad 2.  So instead the student at China's Northeast Normal University bought $125 of hardware and software online and used it to assemble a fully-functional replica of the sought after Apple product, which retails at $499.

Xinlong even had enough money left over to attach rhinestones around the border of the homemade tablet computer.

This is the best gift I've ever had, and I will keep it forever," Shasha told the China Daily News.

Well, forever or until the the iPad 3 comes out, and Xinlong goes back into his lab to create more romantic magic. Check out photos of Xinlong's creation over on China Daily.

[via CNET]