This adorable six-year-old Bichon Frise/Poodle mix named Suzie clearly has nine lives or a guardian angel on her furry shoulders: William Muggle of the East Providence Animal Control tells the harrowing tale of how the little pooch survived an 11 mile drive from Massachusetts to Rhode Island while being stuck in the grill of the car.

Thankfully, the owners have recently been located and Suzie is happily back at home, with the pieces of the puzzle finally falling into place: she escaped from their home, darted out in front of a Toyota Camry going 50 mph on Route 44 in Taunton, Mass., got hit and wedged herself into the space between the license plate and the grill. The driver assumed he had missed her, but it wasn't until another driver got him to stop the car did he realize that he had an extra furry passenger with him.

Despite a stay at the vets and then East Providence Animal Control Center, Suzie is incredibly lucky for the fact that she had no broken bones or internal bleeding. Aside from a minor concussion and a few bumps and bruises, the fluffy little dog has no serious or long-lasting injuries that would affect her quality of life.

In the end, both the owners and Suzie got the happy ending they deserved: when she was reunited with her family, in true Bichon/Poodle fashion she started dancing on her hind legs and giving them kisses. It's a heart-warming ending to what had to be an anxiety-causing tale for her poor owners.

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