Enjoy this little (and extremely adorable) vocabulary lesson.

During a video chat with their mom, these little kids accidentally went off on a humorous tangent over the word "meaning." The daughter says, "George is meaning to say hello," which George took as "George is mean." And that got him pretty upset.

His sister unsuccessfully tried to explain what she was trying to say, but he would have none of it. Per the video description:

George was born with a cleft lip and palate and also totally deaf in his left ear. He's had glue ear in his right and only been able to hear well in it for about a year and a half. He also wears a hearing aid in this ear to help. This means he has delayed speech and language as he finds it hard to hear parts of some words, hence the misunderstanding.

George stormed out of the room, while his bewildered sister looked on frustrated. Good luck to her trying to explain what she did, ahem, mean to say.