Who among us hasn't dreamed of wielding a lightsaber with the agility of one fluent in the ways of the Force? Well, thanks to a 'Star Wars' lightsaber training school based in San Francisco, now's your chance to make this a reality.

The school offers Sunday lightsaber classes that are a combination of yoga, live-action role playing and dance. The course is conducted by instructor Alain Bloch, who says it's meant to serve as pure escapism for 'Star Wars' fanatics.

“We’re kind of indulging in their childhood and that sort of fantasy of being a real Jedi,” he said.

So, Bloch helps students master saber-handling basics, like twirls, figure eights and behind-the-back moves. Then, participants engage in mock choreographed battles with opponents. At the end of every session, students meditate in darkness for five minutes while bathed in the glow of saber light.

What do you think? Does this course sound interesting or geeky?