The BBC recently asked their readership for predictions on what life would be like 100 years from now and then had a pair of professional futurologists (which is, apparently, not the same thing as a psychic) assess the likelihood of these predictions coming true. 

Here are some of the points the public and experts agreed upon about the year 2112.

- People will be able to communicate through thought transmission
- We will be able to control the weather
- Computers will make our brains process thoughts faster
- Giant elevators will take us into outer space
- Science and technology will make people immortal

Sounds like the future will be pretty sweet, and we will now be eating our vegetables in the hopes that we make it to 2112.

But since we probably won't, here are our predictions for 2112, to stow away in the internet time capsule.

- Despite having become super-intelligent immortal mind readers, people will still find plenty to complain about on Facebook.
- While there will no longer be TV, images of Kardashians performing mundane activities will be beamed into our heads 24/7.
- We still won't have flying cars!

What do you think like will be like a century from now?

[via BBC]