Back in 2006, a tree-dwelling Leprechaun terrorized a neighborhood in Mobile, Alabama. A local news report on the unusual happening, which included a crude drawing of the sprite, quickly gained viral video notoriety, suggesting that there would be more Leprechaun sightings in the future.

However it wasn't to be, and for the last six years Leprechauns have only existed in Irish folklore and as cereal mascots. But, if a victim of a violent beating in Seattle is to be believed, the gold-hording fairies are back and they are very angry.

When Seattle police responded to a report of a late night fight, they found on the ground a man screaming in pain and covered with blood. According to the cops, the injured man claimed he had been beaten up by "a bunch of leprechauns" who were angry because he was dancing with a girl.

The man was admitted to the hospital with multiple head wounds. Police were unable to find his assailants, leprechaun or otherwise.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. And hide your pot of gold.