Hey, did you notice it's summer outside? It's time to start working on that "beat the heat" thing, and since the neighbors gave us weird looks when we just held a hose over our head during the hottest hour of the day, we're thinking lemonade might be the way to go. Sure a tall glass of classic lemonade sounds good, but why drink that all summer long, when you can add stuff to it like tequila? Or other fruit. But also tequila!

Here are a few ways to "hack" a glass of lemonade. For your convenience, the name of each beverage is a link to the recipe. Now you have no reason not to dissolve all your enamel away with a delightful glass of citric acid and sugar. Enjoy (preferably with a striped paper straw)!

  • 1

    Paula Deen's Classic Lemonade


    We chose Paula Deen's recipe, because she is not one to shy away from sugar.

  • 2

    Lavender Lemonade


    You could also make this tasty lemonade without the booze, but we have it on good authority that this is one of the most wonderful beverages in the world.

  • 3

    Basil Lemonade


    Putting some basil in your lemonade is a good way to pretend you're fancy AND make good use of the wilting herbs in your refrigerator.

  • 4

    Blueberry Mint Lemonade


    Looks delicious, but is potentially a choking hazard. Be careful out there, folks.

  • 5

    Pink Lemonade Jell-O Shots


    Why drink your lemonade when you can eat it and simultaneously be getting wasted?? Wait, what?

  • 6

    Blackberry Lemonade


    Look at that. Couldn't you just about take a bath in that refreshing goodness? On second thought, no wonder our neighbors think we're weird.

  • 7

    Strawberry Honey Lemonade


    Blender drinks! It's officially summer when you start making your own blender drinks!

  • 8

    Peach Lemonade


    Drink this and pretend you're in Georgia. So you should probably also turn on some 2 Chainz or something. Ahhhh, summer.

  • 9

    Brazillian Lemonade


    Technically made with limes, but it's an excuse to drink sweetened condensed milk, so don't make a big deal out of it, okay?

  • 10

    Tequila Strawberry Lemonade


    Tequila strawberry lemonade. Or, as we like to call it, lunch!

  • 11

    Vodka Thyme Lemonade


    Martha Stewart names her recipes by order of ingredient importance.

  • 12

    Watermelon Lemonade


    Because eating slices of watermelon is soooo 2012.