Nothing says love like a hot dish of cheesy, meaty lasagna arriving on your kitchen table.

A nonprofit group is making sure everyone has a chance to experience that love and have lasagna in their lives.

Lasagna Love is a nonprofit with chapters across the U.S. and other countries. Their message is simple, "feed families, spread kindness and strengthen communities."

According to Lasagna Love's website, anyone can request a lasagna to be delivered to their house or to a loved one at any time.

Families can sign up to receive a lasagna (no questions asked) made by a Lasagna Love volunteer in their area.

Think of it as your grandma or a close friend bringing a dish of fresh lasagna to you when you need it most.

How Did Lasagna Love Get Started?

Press materials from Lasagna Love explain the effort was started by Rhiannon Menn after she was delivering meals to neighbors struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Menn's act of kindness inspired others to do the same. This eventually turned into an organized effort to deliver lasagna to doorsteps across the world.

On average, Lasagna Love drops off 3,500 pans of delicious lasagna every week. That's a lotta pasta.

Nearly 40,000 volunteers are stationed around the world, ready make lasagna at a moment's notice.

How Do You Request A Lasagna From Lasagna Love?

You can request a lasagna either for yourself or someone else who would appreciate it.

A brief request form at asks for your name and contact info. At no time are you required to provide WHY you or someone you know needs lasagna.

Your request is then sent off to a volunteer lasagna maker in your area who will bring the meal to your house.

It's that simple.

How Do You Volunteer To Make Lasagna For Lasagna Love?

The Lasagna Love website also has a submission form for those interested in volunteering to cook meals.

You are asked to provide contact info, how many people you'd like to feed and how far you are able to travel for deliveries.

It's that easy to pitch in and help out a family who could use a lasagna.


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