The newest superhero is from Down Under.

Meet Daniel, the star of this interview with Australia's Today show, in which he gloriously recounts how he chased down the man who crashed his car into his friend's -- or, more accurately, his mate's -- fish and chip shop down the street from where he lives in the middle of the night.

As Daniel says, "All I had was me jocks on and he was chasing me up the street and I'm just like, mate!" Yes, Daniel is the friend we all need, with or without underpants.

Daniel isn't exactly buying into the hype that he's a hero. He's more into the idea that we all treat each other with respect, noting, "It’s just something you do for the community mate. You look after your mates and your mates’ll look after you."

It's a pretty, yet powerful, sentiment brought to us by a legend for our time.

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