So much for Little Monsters. We were all excited when Lady Gaga hit the 28,000,000 followers mark on Twitter, but it turns out that Mother Monster's nearly 29 million-strong legion of fans might mostly be Little Bots.

Seriously. According to a study by social media company Status People, 71 percent of her followers are reportedly either fake or inactive. When taken into account, this means Lady Gaga's account only has 8.41 million followers, equal to the entire populations of Ireland and New Zealand combined. No big deal.

The company breaks up Twitter users into three groups -- bots, inactive and good users. Bots are those accounts who usually just send you links to discount heart medicine, and inactive accounts are people who really don't share information, they only consume it, if they even check their account at all.

Lady Gaga hasn't commented on this yet, possibly because she doesn't care, or maybe because people are afraid if they ask her she'll start talking about what a genius she is and put a picture about it on Instagram.

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