In the past week, two big celebrity splits have made headlines: Basketball star Kobe Bryant and his wife of 10 years, Vanessa, are divorcing, and Chaz Bono and his fiancee Jennifer Elia said they too have gone kaput.

And while neither announcement may have left the same implosion crater made by the Kardashian-Humphries split, breakups are always rough. But just how rough will Kobe and Chaz have it?


Kobe's impending divorce could cost him serious Bejamins. The couple didn't have a prenup, so he stands to lose a substantial portion of the reported $200-$300 million fortune he's built during the past decade, not to mention no longer being a full-time presence in the lives of his two young daughters.

There's also the matter of bad PR. Remember, back in 2003, Kobe was accused of raping a 19-year-old Colorado resort employee and Vanessa stood by her husband's side during the ordeal -- later even sporting a $4 million diamond dubbed an "apology ring" by celeb-watchers -- but insiders say the mess didn't cure the NBA star's wandering eye.

chaz bono

Bono had already been with girlfriend Jennifer Elia for years before he famously transitioned from female to male, which by itself would've torn most couples apart. Elia, however, proved herself to be the most understanding of partners, supporting him every step of the way, even showing up to cheer him on during his controversial stint on 'Dancing with the Stars.'

Chaz proposed to Jennifer on a special segment of his 'Being Chaz' series, and she accepted. But the reality is Elia is a lesbian, and Chaz is no longer the woman with whom she initially fell in love. With his highly-publicized background, how easy will it be for Bono to find love again?