Don't think there's any good in this world? Think again.

A pair of stories about kidney donations will touch your heart and put a smile on your face.

The first example comes from Hudsonville, Mich., where Mike Frias will donate his kidney to his fiancee, Natalie Russo, whom he met on

About a month after they started dating, Russo learned she needed a new kidney and was overwhelmed when Frias continued to date her, eventually proposing while she was in the hospital.

The ring itself wasn't the biggest he'd give her, though. Frias got tested to see if he was a match, which he was. He's now scheduled to undergo surgery to donate the kidney on March 21.

Russo is forever grateful. "It's crazy that this all happened, but this is what you want out of love," says Natalie. "(You want) somebody that's going to stay by your side, no matter what happens to you."

That love story is equaled if not surpassed in compassion by another unlikely tale in Oakfield, Wisc, where Oakfield Elementary School first grade teacher teacher Jodi Schmidt is donating her kidney to one of her students, eight-year-old Natasha Fuller, who was born with kidney disease and needs a transplant to continue living.

Enter Schmidt. The married mother of three said of Natasha, "She's sweet, and she's very sick, but she's always happy."

The gesture is certainly not lost on those who love the little girl. "Her, and her husband and her family are our family now forever," her grandmother said.