Most kids hate vegetables, but not Max.

To surprise Max with a trip to the circus, his parents told him they were going to a broccoli farm. So, imagine their surprise when they clued him in when they got to the big top and he was genuinely disappointed they would not be going to the farm.

How many kids would be upset at that? You'd think he'd be dancing in the streets knowing he's about to see elephants and a high-wire act instead of crestfallen that he can't see how they cultivate the granddaddy of all vegetables that make kids gag.

And nothing cheers up this kid, either. Not being told they can buy broccoli at the store. Now being told other people he knows are coming. Not being told they'll go to a broccoli farm next time.

You think he was crushed before the circus? Imagine how distraught he probably was when they got inside and he found out that the only food he could eat was popcorn, peanuts and hot dogs. There was no broccoli, no asparagus, heck not even a Brussels sprout in sight. What kid is expected to have fun with those kind of terrible food choices?

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