Jim Carrey raised a lot of eyebrows yesterday when he posted a bizarre video love letter to Emma Stone -- and he seems to have started a miniature trend in the bargain.

Not to be outdone in the "hopefully fake and wildly inappropriate public expressions of affection" department, comedienne Kathy Griffin has posted her own video. The object of her desire? None other than Justin Bieber.

Taking a cue from Carrey, Griffin praises Bieber's looks, calling him "all the way beautiful" before letting slip that she thinks he has "lesbian bangs" (not, the gay icon hastens to add, that there's anything wrong with that).

Griffin goes on to parody a few other points in Carrey's video, daydreaming about marrying Bieber (before realizing the divorce would be messy), offering to take him camping (but then remembering that camping means dealing with bugs), and offering to have his babies (provided it's still physically possible for her to do so).

All in all, while Griffin's pledge of love isn't as creepy as Carrey's (which, for the record, he says was a joke), it's solidly entertaining in its own right. Whose squirm-inducing video love confession would you like to see next?

[via PopCrush]