This week began with stunning news that Justin Bieber, your little sister's favorite singer, may have beat up a full-sized adult paparazzo who was taking pictures of him and his girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Could it be that Bieber, who may not weigh more than 120 pounds, is actually a tough guy? Well, if he is, glass is his kryptonite.

During a tour stop in Paris Thursday, the 18-year-old had an unfortunate incident involving a glass revolving door. Check out the video.

According to sources, Bieber actually passed out for a few seconds and suffered a slight concussion. Pro that he is, he still performed his Paris show, despite being light-headed.

This latest incident is at least the third time Bieber has had an embarrassing collision with glass.

"I guess me and glass windows just don't work," he said, maintaining his sense of humor about a problem he shares with birds.

On the bright side, the video of Bieber being felled by the force of a revolving door can be used by his lawyer to prove the 'Baby' singing couldn't have possibly beat down a photographer. The lawyers could use this video, too.