Encouraged by a few success stories, fans have been jumping on the bandwagon of trying to get their favorite celebrities to be their dates to a gala dance. After Jeremy Lin and Justin Timberlake, here's another girl who tried to get the other "Justin" to be her prom date. Although it didn't happen, the teen idol did have a surprise video message in store for his devoted fan during last night's Billboard Music Awards

Cady Eimer has been trying for over a year to get the message across to Bieber to be her senior year prom date. She and her friends started a website, made a video and tweeted about it (a lot) all just to get the attention of the globe-trotting superstar. Eventually the message did reach Bieber, but to Eimer's disappointment, he couldn't make it to her prom night.

But Bieber wasn't going to let a "Bieliber" down and on her prom night, he sent Eimer a recorded video message. To make up for his absence, Bieber invited Eimer as his date to the 2012 Billboard Music Awards. Check out the video from Hot 100.5 as Eimer reacts to Bieber's invite.

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