Justin Bieber gets made fun of a lot. It's part and parcel of being a big celebrity: people tease you for everything from your fashion choices to your music. And generally he takes it in good stride, considering he's seventeen and half the Internet makes fun of him on a daily basis. But apparently one app on the iPhone has taken the ribbing just a little too far.

The app in question is "Joustin' Beaver." Despite what it sounds like, it's actually a game where you go up and down a river signing "Otter-graphs". It's absolutely as cutesy and it sounds, and you'd think nobody would care, but Bieber's legal team sent the developer, RC3, a cease-and-desist letter.

Apparently they believe people will confuse a cartoon rodent with a human singer. RC3, for its part, insists that humanity would have to be pretty stupid to mistake cartoons for people, and that they're covered under the First Amendment. They're going to continue to sell the app, for now. So we guess cute parodies on the Internet are safe, for now.

[ via PopCrush ]