Megan Ham has a life-threatening medical condition called Lissencephaly, which only effects about 1,500 children world-wide. Due to the disease she can't walk or talk, and doctors had told her parents that she wouldn't make it past two. But Ham, who is now 11, has defied those odds.

She is also doing something else doctors said she would never be able to: express emotion. And Megan, who lives in Vancouver, Wash., only seems to acknowledge the outside world when she is listening to the music of Justin Bieber.

Megan's teacher was the one who first noticed that she smiled and kicked her leg when she heard Bieber's voice.

"It really helps her to get through the day," said teacher Kim Graves. "It keeps her happy and it keeps her comfortable."

Now, for the first time, Megan's family can interact with their daughter and sister, through Bieber's music.

"We never thought we would feel that, from what the doctors said at the beginning," said Megan's father, Michael Ham. "This has really opened up a lot of doors."

Word of Megan's amazing reaction to his music reached the pop prince, who then tweeted his intention to meet up with her when he does a show in nearby by Portland, OR.

Learn more about this amazing story in the video below.