We all know Utah's home to some extremely conservative and buttoned up religious zealots. Remember the girl at BYU who received a note from a male student chastising her for dressing immorally? Well, now comes a story about a parent who was called to his daughter's junior high school in Tooele, Utah for his daughter's "inappropriate clothing." 

As the father explains in an article on HuffPo, the offending apparel would have to be pretty serious since it takes most parents anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to drop what they're doing and come in. To call a parent is serious, but to drag them away and haul them in from long distance has got to be apocalyptic. How bad could her outfit be?

There's no question that kids are maturing and developing at an incredible rate. What was once only acceptable for seniors in high school now seems run-of-the-mill for 8th graders. It's understandable there would be some backlash to this early onset loss of innocence, especially in straightlaced Utah, but this is just flat out ridiculous. Turns out, it was the principal who objected to the student's outfit. Take a look and judge for yourself.


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