After a couple poor weekends out of the gate, 'John Carter' is poised to become one of the worst movie investments in history. Analysts expect the Walt Disney Co. to take a $165 million loss that will earn it the indignity cast upon forgettable films like 'Ishtar' and 'Howard the Duck.' A variety of reasons for the movie's poor performance have been floated -- from casting to plot to promotion. Whatever the cause, it wouldn't be the first time Hollywood banked on a splashy blockbuster and lost big. Here's a look back at some of Hollywood's most colossal failures.

1. 'Alexander'

Warner Bros.

Who's to blame for Oliver Stone's massive historical epic flopping at the box office? The culture wars in America, naturally. That's the case some made after 'Alexander' fell flat in 2004 despite a $150 million budget.

Ever the provocateur, Stone presented Colin Farrell's Alexander as bisexual, which upset some Red staters. "We go into his bisexuality," Stone told Playboy. "It may offend some people, but sexuality in those days was a different thing." Most surprised by the movie's failure was Farrell, who thought that he'd be up for awards and instead wound up rethinking his career.

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