Don't be surprised if Joey Chestnut isn't in the mood for turkey this Thanksgiving.

The renowned competitive eater, 31, was at it again over the weekend, setting a world record when he wolfed down 9.35 pounds of a turkey during the World Turkey Eating Championship (yes, there is such a thing) at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut. He smashed the old record of 5.25 pounds.

The dude ate nine pounds of turkey right before Thanksgiving. That's like eating a dozen Three Musketeers right before you go trick-or-treating. You'd have to think that come Thursday the sight of a turkey will only turn his stomach slightly less than the fruit basket your Aunt Gladys is showing up with on your doorstep.

For his efforts, Chestnut collected a $5,000 check, not to mention the right to tell a lot of jokes where he can say he "gobbled" up the competition.

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