Canadian football legends Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca got into an old-fashioned cane fight over an old rivalry that has lasted almost 50 years. And they did it on video during an awards banquet.

Quarterback Kapp and defensive tackle Mosca have been far from the best of friends since their days in the Canadian Football League. It's all thanks to a dirty tackle that Mosca gave to one of Kapp's teammates that took them out of the 1963 Grey Cup, the Super Bowl for the CFL.

The two were brought together for a recent CFL banquet when Kapp, also a former Minnesota Vikings QB, offered Mosca a flower from a centerpiece as a symbolic gesture. But Mosca rejected it with a simple retort that Kapp should, um, place it in an uncomfortable area.

Kapp stuck the flower in Mosca's face and Mosca responded by swinging his cane and knocking the glasses clean off his rival's face. That's when both men, both in their 70s, got into a fist fight that knocked both offstage.

The video, which may be too intense for some viewers, of their brawl is below. TAKING ALL BETS! We're offering three-to-one odds on the cane wielding grandpa with the granite jaw!

[via CNN]