Last week, Alicia Silverstone shocked the internet with a video of her chewing up some food and then feeding it mamma bird style to her 11-month-old son Bear. Silverstone calls the technique "premasticating." But, as Jimmy Kimmel correctly pointed out, the rest of us call it "disgusting."

Not one to let a good gross-out go to waste, Kimmel had challenged his viewers to make their own videos of "premasticating" and then upload them to YouTube. He played the best of those clips on his show Monday night.

"I don't want your germs" screams one little boy, when confronted with a saliva-enhanced dish.

The general reaction was "ewww" and more than a couple of the children were driven to tears by the stunt.

Perhaps the best response was from the world-weary tween at the 3:15 mark who almost immediately identified Kimmel's role in her mother's strange culinary turn.

"What, is this another Jimmy Kimmel thing?," she asked her mom, after she refused the pre-chewed food. You'll have to watch above to see her funny response.

Watch Alicia Silverstone's original video below.