Singer/songwriter Jewel famously had a tough upbringing in her native Alaska. The singer grow up in a house without running water, so there certainly wasn't enough money for orthodontics, and because of this she has unusually interesting teeth for a celebrity.

However, that's never really bothered the pretty 38-year-old. In fact, she once recorded a song called 'I'm Not Going To Fix My Teeth' to make clear that she was comfortable with her crooked smile.

Which was why it was so surprising to see Jewel sporting a toothbrush commercial-perfect set of chompers in a photo she recently tweeted out.

Now there is a catch to this sudden dental event: the teeth -- along with the blue contact lens and curled hair -- are for her role as the wife of Johnny Cash in the Lifetime movie "The June Carter Cash Story.'

"Here I am as June in my trailer with her blue eyes and perfect teeth #ringoffire," she wrote in the photo's caption.

According to Jewel's representatives, the teeth are prosthetic and her famous mouth will be back to normal when she is done shooting. Another picture of Jewel as June Carter with her costar is below.

June Carter

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