Jell-O pudding has always billed its Temptations desserts as treats designed specifically for adults, a claim it apparently takes seriously: a new machine handing out samples of the product won't give them to kids.

A vending machine at Chicago's Shedd Aquarium uses a face-scanner to ascertain someone's age before dispensing one of the treats. And if it decides you're a child, you're outta luck -- the machine sounds an alarm and its screen flashes, "Sorry, kid. You're too young to appreciate indulgence like this. Please step away so the grownups can get their free treat."

But aside from being a buzzy novelty, the so-called iSample Experience is also a merchandising and promotions tool, and a way to get the attention of people who are typically flooded with standard advertising.

Ed Kaczmarek, director of innovation, consumer experiences at Jell-O's parent company, Kraft, said, "It's providing a new experience and is actually creating an emotional connection to our brand."

While the machine in Chicago is a test case, look for more to roll out soon. In the meantime, here's a video of the picky vending machine -- and some very cranky kids -- in action.

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