What's the recipe for Jay-Z and Kanye West's new music video for 'Otis?' Two parts successful MCs, one part Hollywood's most inventive director (Spike Jonze), a dash of comedy's hottest act (Aziz Ansari) and, of course, the leadoff single from the most highly anticipated hip-hop album of the year.

Just in time for the debut of their full-length collaboration, 'Watch the Throne,' the megawatt duo unveiled the video for the album's first single -- and it just might be the return of the high-rolling rap video.

In fact, Jay and 'Ye flash their buying power right off the bat, showing off a Maybach -- a luxury car that can cost anywhere from $350,000 to over $1 million -- before dismantling it, turning it into a hot rod, and racing it around a track.

No cars were wasted in the making of this video, though: A disclaimer at the end notes that the Maybach will be auctioned off with proceeds going to the famine in East Africa.

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