Who knew we were mistaken about Abraham Lincoln's assassin all these years? Thanks a lot, U.S. History 101!

It turns out that John Wilkes Booth's innocence has been completely overshadowed by our blind adoration of a certain British spy. It wasn't Booth who killed President Lincoln; it was James Bond! (Our apologies, John, even if we're 147 years too late.)

The above photo was either an incredibly dense or an incredibly brilliant move on behalf of whomever organizes these posters for the New York City subway system. Either way, the results are hilarious.

'Lincoln' and 'Skyfall' both have November release dates. We're curious how the latest Bond flick will do compared to the Spielberg-directed picture. However, if this photo has any  prophetic value, it looks like Lincoln's going down... again.

We're not sure how Daniel Craig feels about being portrayed as the slayer of arguably one of America's greatest Presidents, or about brandishing firearms at multiple Oscar winner Daniel Day Lewis, but he'd probably be a bit taken aback.

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