Obviously movies and TV shows aren't always realistic, that's nothing new. Sometimes it's all about the action and intensity that keeps us on the edge of our seats or the comedic aspect that wouldn't work with society rules and laws of life.

Then there's the production aspect and what realism must be skirted or altered for filming and production purposes. Distorting reality is truly so Hollywood and for the most part we've accepted it. It's escapism that we enjoy.

According to Mental Floss, one of the most obvious tweaks from real life is cars without headrests. Driving scenes in general are usually quite fake looking, then toss in car seats without headrests and that tweak from reality is quite glaring.

So why do cars in movies or TV shows rarely have headrests? Here are the two main reasons those head restraints are missing.

steven rector
steven rector

According to the Motor Trend website, movie and television crews often remove those head restraints from the two front seats so we can see the faces of the actors riding in the back seat. Even with them removed the actors in the backseat still looked squished at times.

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The second reason the those headrests are often missing is because they literally get in the way of filming and the equipment whether there's anyone in the back seat or not.  This is why rearview mirrors are often missing as well.

Also, if the crew is only shooting the actors in the back seat of a car like a cab for instance, the camera crew is often using the top of the passenger seat or driver seat.

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