Do you use the 'sport mode' in your car or save it for something special? I'm not sure what that would be but it feels like it's something extra that we shouldn't be using all of the time. Wouldn't car companies make it the regular driving mode if it was meant to use regularly?

It has such an athletic sound like you can start driving with the cool kids table with a sporty drive that gives you umph. Most new cars whether they're general hatchbacks, pick-up trucks, or high performance vehicles come with the sport mode now, where as it used to be, well, special.

I love using it and prefer it with my sporty 2017 number I drive. I'm using it daily basically and feel like it drives better then in regular or comfort mode, or economic mode or ECO where the engine halts when you stop. That's what got me thinking about rather it was really okay to use daily or not.

Thank you for your assistant
Thank you for your assistant

According to the Top Speed website, it is exactly what you expect it to be however get ready to fill-up your car more. The sport mode alters your vehicles driving dynamics for tighter steering, stiffer suspension, and faster acceleration. However those higher revs if you do utilize that acceleration will put faster wear on your engine as well as fuel consumption.

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So is it okay to use the sport mode function all of the time? According to the Auto Deal website, it really depends on the car. Higher end cars make allowances so if you use it more often there's adjustments to protect the engine and transmission. In general, it's not meant for daily use but it's really your call.

Leaving your car in sport mode may shorten the car's lifespan and go through its consumables faster. Whether that's worth it is something you'll have to decide on for yourself. It's a nice feature that's best used in certain situations and not as a regular driving setting for your daily commute.

Since my car makes allowances for sport mode I'm sticking with it for sure. It's just more fun.

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