It's one of the most dangerous plants out there, growing right now after it's winter hiatus and it's prevalent in every state. This blooming bush can even grow up to seven feet tall along fences and around trees.

Depending on your own health, age, and the plant's life, it can be deadly if you're exposed to it. It's such a pretty wildflower, too, sitting beautifully among other wildflowers and vegetation along our roadways, in fields, along rivers and lakes, and in our backyards and you may even pass it every day or at least see it.

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According to the website it's a poisonous hemlock, and it's a beautiful plant we want nothing to do with. Its official name is Conium Maculatum, and the reason autumn is the best time to kill it if it's in your own backyard is because this is the season it's storing energy in its roots to survive the winter, according to

You can use gloves or a face covering to try and kill it yourself or hire an expert, but whatever you do, do something if it's in your own backyard.

Meanwhile, during the spring and summer it is what it is whether it's in your backyard or not so stay alert.

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If exposed, the symptoms can start to take effect as quickly as 30 minutes to two hours, according to

• Nervousness, trembling, muscle weakness, incoordination

• Salivation (slobbering)

• Initial stimulation or excitement followed by depression

• Dilation of the pupils

• Weak heartbeat

• Musty, mousy odor to breathe and in the urine

• Prolapse of the third eyelid across the cornea may cause temporary blindness

• Death by respiratory failure due to paralysis of respiratory muscles.

Obviously, see a doctor if you start to feel any of these symptoms or think you were exposed, as there isn't an actual antidote.

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