We've all heard of white noise best known at one point for the snow on our television sets when the cable is out. It's the most popular of all the colors of noise out there often on sound machines to help with sleep by drowning out the deafening silence or unwanted noises.

However, there are other colors of noise, too according to the Science Notes website and those differences in the colors come down to frequency and amplitude according to The List website and are about so much more than helping you get sleep.


This contains all frequencies in equal measure that sound like a heavy waterfall or high fan to help get a nice, solid sleep.


Pink noise is softer in high-frequency tones with stronger low-frequency tones than white noise like ocean waves or steady rain without the thunder and wind. It calms the brain and improves memory according to The Sleep Foundation.


According to the Sound of Sleep website, brown has much more base and intensity than white noise like a roaring river or heavy ocean surf. It improves focus and relaxation as well as sleep.

The Sleep Foundation
The Sleep Foundation


This is less studied right now according to the Sleep Foundation however this sound which is very similar to white noise just at a bit lower level may help people who have racing thoughts and anxiety as well as sleep.

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Whether sound machines and colors of noise are your thing or not, our brains and bodies will always react to sound.

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