The biggest day in a woman's life could get a whole lot easier.

A bride's struggle to use the restroom could become a thing of the past thanks to the Bridal Buddy.

Small in size and eliminating the need to enlist bridesmaids in order to help you tinkle, the Bridal Buddy costs $59.95, but could be priceless if used effectively.

You'll need to watch the above video to see just how it works (spoiler alert: arm holes are involved), but in no uncertain terms the dress will temporarily resemble a laundry bag.

If employed correctly, the Bridal Buddy will make life easier when you feel nature calling between thanking Aunt Myrtle for coming and throwing the bouquet.

What do you think? Does the Bridal Buddy sound like a good idea? Would you pay for it? Or is this merely a bunch of hooey and brides just need to accept that there's no simple solution for going to the bathroom on their wedding day?