There's gotta be an easier way to make a buck.

Footage of a man on a moped staging an accident -- apparently in the hopes of swindling insurance money -- is making the rounds.

The so-called "accident" occurred earlier this month in Britain. It's plain to see what the man's plan was. He walks his moped out into the street in front of a driver and then manually backs it into the car's bumper before he jumps onto the hood to make it appear as if he had been in a crash.

It's an ingenious plan, right? Well, there was one minor detail this con artist forgot to take into account: the dash cam factor.

A so-called witness also appears on the scene while the incredulous driver gets out of her car and explains to the pair that she has a dash cam, which sends them scurrying away. While the driver called police, it is unclear if they are looking into the matter.

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