Any waterslide experience you've ever had pales in comparison to this one.

Pro skier Benjamin Forthun posted a video of himself jumping onto a slide that quickly took him to the water below. Now, that may not sound so intense, but when you watch it you'll change your tune quicker than the time it takes for your face to cringe when you watch this the first time. We say "first time," too, because you will watch this again.

Going down the slide is the easy part. The fact Forthun landed so evenly on the slide is remarkable. An inch to either side and the only place he would've been making a beeline to would've been the hospital so doctors could tape up his pierced keester.

Waterslides are as much a part of summer as popsicles and sweating and Forthun has clearly gone next level. The downside (or should we say "down-slide?") is that we're not even out of July and he has peaked for the season.

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