It's the end of October. There's a chill in the air and a FEMA-sized stockpile of candy in every aisle of every store. Black cats have gone into hiding. That's right, my pretties, Halloween has come again. As the witching hour draws near, we must once again prepare ourselves for the creepy/spooky phenomenon of inappropriate family costume choices!

Whether inspired by reality TV, current events, or just plain bad taste, the parents who go for these get-ups have some serious 'splainin' to do. Here's a petrifying peek at some outrageously ill-conceived group costumes.

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    This photo brings up several questions. Were "pop and baby jailbirds" on the lam when mom caught them? Is the mom arresting the baby? What crimes could the baby possibly be answering for? And, perhaps most disturbingly, is the baby the ringleader of this weird gang of '50s beatnik hoods?

    Simpsonized Crafts and Then Some
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    Jersey Shore

    While getting our "GTL" on with Snooki and the rest of the 'Jersey Shore' gang is entertaining, this look loses some of its effect when the abs and spandex in question belong to grade schoolers. For these pint-sized Guidos and Guidettes, "g" stands for gym class, tanning is an illegal activity and laundry also answers to the name "Mom."

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    Hopefully Mom saves the dollar bills thrown at her for her daughter's therapy bills.

    Awkward Family Photos
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    Zombie Baby

    Full creativity points for this one. Way to rock a pregnant belly a la Ripley in 'Aliens.' Sigourney Weaver would be proud. It’s awesome. It’s also disgusting, and guaranteed to scare the tootsie rolls out of any kid unfortunate enough to be eye-level with that mom-ster bump.

    Kossip World
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    In any iteration. Always creepy. Always inappropriate. Thank you, Stephen King's 'It,' Ronald McDonald, Bozo and pretty much every clown who ever creeped us out.

    Awkward Family Photos